A Photographer With a Mission
Pernille Westh loves the natural world and she wants to help save it for the next generations. She is an EcoManiac working for sustainability, a happy nature, and for joyful wildlife. It is very important for Pernille that people native to their countries have the opportunities to live off their land, that the wildlife have their habitat, that the oceans of the world are clean, and that we respect nature.


Education and Background
In 1988 Pernille graduated from Niels Brock's Business School in Copenhagen, and she attended art schools from 1988-1990. Pernille is a self-taught photographer. Her father was a very keen photographer when Pernille was a child, and Pernille often got permission to use his camera. Pernille always begged for pets, and often Pernille's mum gave in. Rabbits, cats, mice, rats, lizards, ducks, pigs, sheep, guinea pigs, frogs, geese, spiders, turtles, dogs, fish, snakes, chickens, cows, and even a racoon dog and two llamas have all been a part of Pernille's lively childhood and teenage years.

Working with Animals
Pernillle has been working with animals for several years. Her work include being an animal trainer for film and television and the model agency "Monster Models", breeding border collies under the prefix "BorderShock", training sheep dogs, and presenting animal shows on television. Working with animals has been very relevant for Pernille as a wildlife-, animal- and nature photographer.


Being a wildlife photographer living in Denmark requires a great deal of travelling as Danish wildlife is limited unfortunately. Luckily Pernille loves travelling, and she has been travelling around the world and visited several interesting countries.

Pernille wants to show the wild side of our World, inform about how to preserve habitat, and how to take care of animals in general as well as of our planet. Her photo exhibitions inform about these important issues.


Animals and Children
Pernille has given lectures as well as written books for children, as she feels children are very good ambassadors for animals and for nature. When you are well educated about a certain thing - then you are more likely to care for it. A little department of puzzles amongst other things has also found its way to Pernille's website.
You will find "Puzzle Me!" at the main page.

"Children are naturally inquisitive and open mined, all of which are the qualities needed to help bring on our living planet."

- Pernille Westh


Articles and Books
Pernille has written countless articles and several books about animals and nature as well as giving lectures. How to take care of animals, nature, and habitat are some of Pernille's favorite topics.

Eco Mania
Climate changes is a huge topic these days as it really needs to be.
Every single one of us can make a change. And we should.
Please help save the planet and the beings.
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Pernille's Photographs
Please visit the Gallery to view some of Pernille's photographs and watch a movie.
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If you wish to purchase or lease some of Pernille's photographs, please visit the online photo library "Pernille Westh Images" in the Webshop.
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Pernille respects animals and nature and she hopes that you do to. Together we can make a difference.
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Pernille's Chronology
To learn more details about Pernille's life, please click at the PDF icon to view Pernille's Chronology. A PDF will open. Please remember to use the "back (arrow) button in order to get back to this website instead of exit.


Partner's of Work
Pernille's work has among others been published in National Geographic, Dyrevennen, Fokus pĺ Dyr, Ekstra Bladet, Alt for Damerne, Familie Journalen, Billed Bladet, B.T., Politiken, Berlingske Tidende, Motor, and Vild med Dyr. She has also filmed and produced advertising spots aired on Animal Planet, and co operated with Nikon Specialisten, WSPA, and Dyrebrevkassen.dk in order to raise money for animal welfare.
Pernille also works with "POLFOTO" Denmark's largest stock agency, and she is represented by the art gallery Wonderwall Studio in Austin, US.


At the moment Pernille supports "WSPA" www.wspa.dk, "Dyrenes Beskyttelse"  (The Protection of Animals) www.dyrenes-beskyttelse.dk,
"Greenpeace" www.greenpeace.org, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening (Protect Denmark's Nature), and "Pindsvinevennerne i Danmark" (Hedgehogs in Denmark) www.pindsvin.dk.