I will be at Jul på Ryegaard Gods the 4 weekends before Christmas. I have a nice Christmas Photo Studio here.

I will be at Halloween at Ryegaard the 29th of October 2017, where I have a horrific outdoor monsterous pop up photo studio, where you can have the most horrifying family portrait made (please paste this address to your browser) https://www.ryegaard.dk/det-sker/halloween-2.

Selected of my photographs are now online at www.illux.dk for purchase. Check them out right here (please paste this address to your browser) https://www.illux.dk/illux-art-shop/fotokunst/pernille-westh/. I am so exited about this partnership.

"Få fotografen hjem" (have the photograher visit you) is a new concept, where I come to people's homes, the dog training site, the horseback riding school, the forest or other locations to photograph the whole family, the children, the dog, or the horse. This way you have an option of having your children or animals photographed in familiar surroundings, or a location that means something to you. You can find "Få fotografen hjem" on FB (it is a page).

The closed FB-Group "Picture Perfect · Hosted by Photographer Pernille Westh" is now online. This group is for people wanting to improve their photograhy (it is not for professional photographers), it is for moms and dads wanting to learn how to photograph the special family moments, and it is for people who likes inspiration on how to use photography as decor in their homes (among others). In the group we help and inspire each other. You are very welcome to join this group.

My book project with publisher Gyldendal is still in the making. It is about retro bicycling. The project has so far taken me to Belgium, Italy, and England. More destinations are on my itinerary. Here is a little sneak peek. If you are interested in more retro bicycling images, you are more than welcome to join my closed FB-Group "Fotografie Retro del Ciclismo · Pernille Westh". The bicycling enthusiast Thure is writing words for the project.

More images have made their way across the Atlantic Ocean to Austin, Texas where Wonderwall Studio is showcasing and selling my work. I enjoy that nature and wildlife are finding their way into people's homes both in Scandinavia and the US.

I have made a partnership with Illux.dk, who will showcase selected photographs from my portfolio. Those photographs will also be for sale through Illux.dk. I am very excited about this partnership.

"Photography has nothing to do with cameras" ~ Lucas Gentry

Photography is about the person behind the camera. Consider your camera a tool - the better you are at using it, the better results you get. Often we carry our phones around but not our camera. By using your phone as a camera you have your camera with you most times making it possible for you to capture those unique and precious moments that are worth holding on to. This is what drove me into making Phone·o·graphy - a FREE 5 Days E-mail Course which will be available shortly. If you are waiting for an excuse to become an almost certified Phone·o·grapher, you are more than welcome to click here to sign up to get notified when this course launches!

GET THAT PHOTOGRAPHY ROLLING - only for Teenagers is a FREE 5 Days E-mail Course! I have made this 5 Days E-mail Course especially for Teenagers who want to get their photography rolling! The course in now online, and if you are a teenager or if you know a teenager in love with photography, the sign up link is right here! After signing up the first lesson delivered to your inbox right away!

Now two of my children's books are available at Amazon as Kindle Editions. The books are in English. They are for children between 1 and 4 years of age. "Opposites" and "1 & Many" are part of the series "My Basic Skills" for very young children.


I am going online with my knowledge about photography hoping that I can help others take their photography further. My first online course is for Teenagers. Go here and sign up to be amongst the first to know when this course launches!

I will be at the Company-Dating event where local companies in Lejre have a chance to have short meetings of 15 minutes with other local companies. The event takes place on the 28th of February 2017. Lejre Erhvervsforum and Lejre Kommune is the hosting the event.

My online store at Society6 is now open! You can get all kinds of cool stuff there. Check it out!

The 2nd edition of Leg din hund Lydig is being released in early 2017 by publisher Billesø & Baltzer. Leg Din Hund Lydig is also available as an E-book.

I am presented by the Art Gallery Wonderwall Studio in Austin, Texas. They both have an online gallery as well as a physical Art Gallery.



2016 King County Metro and PCNW City Panorama public art project has selected this beautiful Humpback Whale to participate in their great public art project in Seattle, USA. The Humpback Whale is photographed in Hawaii, and will be on display in Seattle for about 10 years. Hopefully this photo will help us have our precious oceans in mind and be aware enough to protect them and their unique marine life. Did you know that the whales help reduce CO2? They do - read more about it here. If you want to help protect our oceans, you can do this by joining organizations that work to protect whales and marine life, and you can avoid throwing garbage in nature - 80% of the garbage lying around in nature eventually ends up in our oceans.

Håndbogen for hundeejere, which has previously been released as a hardcover book is now also released as an E-book by publisher Billesø & Baltzer.

Selected pieces of my artistic work can now be found on saatchiart.com. Saatchi Art is the World's leading online Art Gallery. Saatchi Art showcases artists from around the world, and their environment is expertly curated making this an ideal place for me to exhibit and sell my work.

Leg Din Hund Lydig previously released as a hardcover book is now also released as an E-book by publisher Billesø & Baltzer.

I am closing down my webshop as I am going to collaborate with external partners instead. This means that I have more time to photograph (and write), which I love to do. Soon a lot of my Scandinavian animal photos will be available through POLFOTO, Denmark's largest stock agency. www.contact-saddle.com is selling the rest of the mugs, cushions, and "woodblock-photos" with horses in their shop - NB the items are not available in their webshop only in their "real" shop.

"Have til husbehov", a useful book about gardening, is released on the 20th of January by publisher Billesø & Baltzer. It is a book about growing veggies, fruit, and berries in small spaces. The book explains how you can grow your own fresh organic produce on your partio, balcony or in your little veggie garden. The book also covers topics like edible flowers, and finding food amidst nature. And there are lots of wonderful photos taken by Pernille in the book... Available at book stores (both real shops and webshops) across Denmark and at Billesø & Baltzer.



Project 100 Dogs has been invited to participate in a Dog Show exhibition at SohoPhotoGallery in New York! 16 images from the project is being exhibited during December - the dogs are getting ready for their journey...

Project 100 Dogs has made its debut in the printed media - in the leading American magazine about dogs Dogster. On the internet Dogster is the leading community for pet owners, a write up about Project 100 Dogs can be found on their website.

2015 King County Metro and PCNW City Panorama public art project has invited Musk Oxen to participate in their great public art project in Seattle, USA. The Musk Oxen are going to Seattle all the way from Greenland, and will be on display in Seattle for about 10 years. Hopefully this photo will help us to have the North and all of its beauty in mind so that we will help reduce our environmental impact on the World so this amazing part of the World will continue to exist in all of its greatness.

Two photos from Project 100 Dogs (Projekt 100 Hunde) have been selected to take part in the Open: 2015 Exhibition at Amblewood Gallery for Contemporary Fine Art Photography in Georgia, USA. I am so proud of the dogs - and very honoured! The exhibition has been curated by photographic artist Anne Berry.

I am so honoured, I have been invited to have a profile on LensCulture.com. To have a profile on LensCulture is by invitation only, so I feel extremely honoured. There are several of my photographes showcased there.

I am so happy! The dogs from Projekt 100 Hunde (Project 100 Dogs) have been selected for the semi-finale in the international photo competition at SohoPhotoGallery in New York! This is the first time ever that photos taken by a Danish photographer have been placed in the International Portfolio Competition by SohoPhotoGallery. Thank you dogs, and owners, and Gitte for the help getting these photos together - I had so much fun! And thank you SohoPhotoGallery for selecting the photos!

Sweet little Penguin is now in Austin, Texas, and I am sure Penguin loves being there at the gallery wall in the lovely gift and jewelry boutique Anna Gray in Austin. The beautiful gallery wall is made by Mary from Wonderwall Studio, Austin. Thank you Mary and thank you Anna Gray! I am so happy and I am so proud of Penguin!

Saturday the 28th of February my ONLINE LagerSalg/Sample Sale is live on Facebook.

I am so happy to announce that Wonderwall Studio in Austin, Texas is representing my work. Wonderwall Studio is a Fine Art Gallery. The "Moving Hooves" is one of the images. I have recently been in Texas, and we also visited Austin. Texas is really great, and so is Austin with lots of great art and music.

We are attending the design fair NorthModern on the 18th-20th of January 2015 in Bella Centret, Copenhagen.

We are in hall C1 at C1-007B.


The Projekt 100 Hunde calendar is now available for purchase!

Sunday the 1st of June we will be present at Open House at Healthy Horse in Skibby. We will bring some of the design from the Little Farm Shop as well as a selection of books, cards, wall art, and tin boxes. Hope to see you :-)

Selected of my images are now online for puchase at Istock. Also images are available at my webshop for only Dkr. 17,- / EURO 2,27. So if you need a photo for your website, a blog post, a brochure or something else - please check out my webshop :-)

The very first Preview from the project is now online at Pernille's GALLERY...

The first Movie from the project is now online at Pernille's GALLERY...


A new photo of the Little Birds Design...


I am very happy to announce that selected of my images are now available at Shutterstock.

Today the 2 first posters in Projekt 100 Hunde have been released! You can purchase your very own in my WEBSHOP :-)

I am so happy to announce that Babynature.dk is now selling my cushions. Babynature.dk is a great webshop with very nice organic clothes and other nice things for both children and adults.

Claus from Gustrado.com is a really great guy and he has agreed to sell a lot of my stuff in his webshop www.gustrado.com. They have a lot of cool stuff there.

Also Spar Borrevejle, Q8 in Kr. Hyllinge, and Stenbæk El-Center in Kr. Hyllinge are now selling some of my bone china designs.

The opening hours of my Little Farm Shop at Hvidemosegaard are Fridays from 15-18. There are lots of farm shop around here that also has open on Fridays afternoon among others; Honning & Flora (flowers and really nice things for the home), Stensbølgaard (fresh organic vegetables), Hornbeer (locally produced beer), so it is a good idea to go for a little trip in the area a Friday afternoon...

On the 18th of October we will be making pumpkin lights from 15-18 on in the farmyard in front of the shop. It is BYO - so bring your own pumpkin and cutting tools. We will serve organic coffee and tea :-). I hope to see you :-)

The designs in my Little Farm Shop are only made in limited editions, and new designs are presented regularly.

I am looking forward to seeing you :-)


I (Pernille) have taken over doing the NEWS in order to make this more personal - more blog-like - as I do not have a blog... So you can call this my News-Blog :-)

The project 100 Hunde (100 Dogs) is now on the go... Gitte from Kæledyrskompagniet.dk and Pernille have joined forces on this project. Please check 100 Hunde on FaceBook as well as Gitte's FaceBook page Kæledyrskompagniet and Pernille's FaceBook page Pernille Westh, Photographer for updates.

NEWS!!! - We are opening a Shop with Pernille's designs at Hvidemosegaard on Friday the 23rd of August. The opening hours that day is from 14 - 18. To make the day special, we have invited Kirsten from Stensbølgaard, who is selling her local fresh organic veggies, René from RC Wine will bring his exclusive wines made from local berries, it is possible to get a relaxing treatment from Anja from Moderne Hestehold, Lene from Stressonym.dk will talk about stress and bring her lovely paintings, Maria from Vibe Økologi will bring the very interesting aronia juice as well as aronia plants, Tina will bring jewelry made from horse's hair, and it will also be possible to buy Helle Buttrup's very delicious honey. Bager Sofus is also comming with his organic bread and buns - uhhmm, and Jutta fra Gershøj Massage will bring her "hot stones". Children can decorate stones and make their very own piece of art.
Please note that it is not yet possible to use dankort or other credit cards.
We hope to see you :-)

NOW the products from the new line of design SHAPE are online in our webshop... :-)



Pernille attends "Kunstdage i Pinsen", and her studio is open from 11-17 on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of May. It is possible to see and buy items from Pernille's brand new line of design "Shape". Asta has found a favorite cushion - with horses... All textiles are printed on organic cotton. It will be possible to purchase the products from our webshop shortly.


Both grown ups and children enjoyed the art days "Kunstdage i Pinsen" at Hvidemosegaard. A lot of
really nice art was produced, and painting and being creative when sitting outside was great!


This is the finished Wall Art produced by a lot of people - it took three days to complete!


Some of Pernille's children's books in a book store in Holbæk.

Now a selection of my images is available as wallpaper at TAPETFORUM.DK. Please visit TAPETFORUM.DK to see the new unique wallpapers.

Some of Pernille's photos are exhibited in City 2, Tåstrup, Denmark. One of the photos is a wallpaper produced by TAPETFORUM.DK - showing two stacked turtles. Also some of Pernille's cool products from her new line of design are exhibited there. Pernille will be in City 2 on the 20th of April where it is possible to buy some of the products. From 10 - 13 there will be an event for kids where kids can paint, and see how sampling with photographs can be done - sampling is where photos are transferred onto things like eg a stone or a brick.


The work with the two turtles... And a little bit from the line of design "Shape"... And some little photos... Photos from City 2, Tåstrup - the Gallery near Rød Indgang/Silvan.

The Event i City 2, Tåstrup was a success! - We had such a great time with the children paiting.



YES! and WOOF! - our project One Hundred Dogs is now a reality! - Please visit 100!

In January and February some of of Pernille's winter images are exhibited in City 2 in Tåstrup.

Snapshots from the exhibition
"The Winter Edition" in City 2, Tåstrup.

More images are now online in our photo library
"Pernille Westh Images".


There are now more images online in our photo library "Pernille Westh Images". We still need to upload loads of images - and we are working on this.

...And a Photographer Pernille Westh Facebook page is being launched.

In November and December 2011 the exhibition "The Winter Edition" with some of Pernille's winter images is visiting City 2, Tåstrup.

 In October some of of Pernille's animals images are exhibited in City 2, Tåstrup.




Our online photo library "Pernille Westh Images" is now working! It has been rather hard work and we still need to upload loads of images. Please keep an eye out for new images, as new images are being uploaded regularly. Also it is possible to buy bookmarks and greeting cards. Please look for them under "X-tra & Merchandise" in the menu at the left hand side at http://www.pernille-westh.dk/shop/.

Also a new gallery is being launched - with people... Please take a look at http://www.pernille-westh.dk/?id=2.

And a few of Pernille's horse photographs are exhibited at "Hesteliv 2010" at FrederiksborgCenteret in Hillerød in November.




2009 started with the launch of Pernille's new website. The new website has several new galleries and a little department called "Puzzle Me!" for youngsters - the little ones that grow to be the decision makers in the future. We, here at Pernille Westh Images, hope the young ones will be as fond of animals and nature as we are, and understand the World in order to preserve it.

Also books are published; "Kære Barnebarn" ("Dear Grandchild" - a photo album and scrapbook), "Leg Din Hund Lydig" ("Useful Tricks For Dogs"), "Billedsnak" ("Talk About Pictures"), "Mine Bondegårdsdyr" ("My Farm Animals"), and "Oline i skole" ("Oline In School").

At the moment hard work is put into loading images onto the online photo library "Pernille Westh Images" which is currently under construction.




2008 has been a very busy year for Pernille. She has been travelling a lot taking new photographs for her library as well as writing books. In 2008 Pernille has published; "Mine Kuffertbøger" ("My Suitcase Books" - 4 books), "Skønne Dyr 1" ("Cute Animals vol. 1"), "Skønne Dyr 2" ("Cute Animals vol. 2"), "Skønne Dyr 3" ("Cute Animals vol. 3"), "Skønne Dyr 4" ("Cute Animals vol. 4"), "Gårdens Dyr" ("Farm Animals"), "Kæledyr" ("Pets"), and "Mig Og Min Børnehave" ("Me and My Kindergarten" - a photo album and scrapbook).



2007 and earlier...

Pernille has been travelling around the world, taking lots of photographs and written lots of articles. Some of these photographs have been exhibited around Denmark and on the Internet. Pernille and her husband Tim (who is a rock musician by the way - check out www.pranksters.dk) have been travelling around Denmark giving lectures about animals and about travelling. Pernille has also had books, articles and calendars published; "Kæledyr - fra hvide mus til grønne leguaner" ("Pets - from white mice to green iguanas"), "Hundeejernes Håndbog" ("The Dogowner's Handbook"), "Mig Og Min Skole" ("Me And My School" - a photo album and scrapbook), "Fra Mule Til Luffer" ("From Nose to Flippers"), and "Fra Næb Til Kløer" ("From Beak to Claws").  Also the DVD "Tim og Pernille er vilde med vilde dyr" ("Tim & Pernille in the Animal Kingdom") was published.