This calendar is being updated regularly with upcoming and current exhibitions and events.

Current Exhibitions & Events:

Jul at Ryegaard Gods                   

Visit my nice Christmas Photo Studio                  
and have a happy family portrait made.               
It takes place last 4 weekends before                
Christmas 2017                   
Opening hours are:                    
10-16 Saturdays and Sundays                                      


City Panorama 2016                       
Seattle, USA                      
"Photomural Public Art"                        
2016 - 2026                        


City Panorama 2015                     
Seattle, USA                   
"Photomural Public Art"                      
2015 - 2025                        


Previous Exhibitions & Events:

Halloween at Ryegaard Gods                      

Visit my horrific outdoor monsterous                   
pop up photo studio, and have the most              
     horrifying family portrait made.                     
It takes place on the 29th of October 2017                          


New York, USA
"Project 100 Dogs"
the 2nd of December 2015 - 2nd of January 2016  


Amblewood Gallery
Contemporary Fine Art Photography
Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, USA
"Open: 2015 Exhibition"
the 11th of October - 1st of November 2015  

Art Days      
Pernille attended "Kunstdage i Pinsen"     
the 18th, 19th and 20th of May 2013    
where her Studio was open     
to everyone.   

Exhibtion and Event
SATURDAY the 20th of April 2013 from 10-13
City 2, Tåstrup, DK
Showing a new Pernille Westh Wallpaper
produced by TAPETFORUM.DK
as well as Pernille's new line of design 
February 2013 - April 2013
There is an event for children, where children can
paint their favorite healthy food on a canvas.
We have a little "shop" in City 2
next to the wallpaper of the turtles on
the 20th of April from 10-13. The "shop"
is located in Galleriet near Rød Indgang/Silvan.   

     "The Winter Edition", City 2, Tåstrup, DK
Plan 2 next to Choise   
Solo Exhibition  
November 2011 - February 201

     "The Animal Kingdom", City 2, Tåstrup, DK
Solo Exhibition  
October 2011     

     "Hesteliv 2010", FrederiksborgCentret, Hillerød, DK     
2 large images displayed
19th - 21st of November 2010


"The Animal Kingdom", VestsjællandsCentret, Slagelse, DK
Solo Exhibition
September 2005

        "The Animal Kingdom", Ro's Torv, Roskilde, DK     
Solo Exhibition  
March 2004

"The Animal Kingdom", Glostrup Storcenter, Glostrup, DK
Solo Exhibition
May 2004

    "The Animal Kingdom", Bramsnæs Hovedbibliotek,   
Solo Exhibition 
Kr. Hyllinge, DK
January and February 2004

  "The Animal Kingdom", The Natural History Museum, 
Århus, DK
Solo Exhibition
October through December 2003

 "The Animal Kingdom", Kattegatcentret, Grenaa, DK 
Solo Exhibition
June through October 2003

    "The Animal Kingdom", The Zoological Museum,   
Svendborg, DK
Solo Exhibition 
February through May 2003

  "The Animal Kingdom", AQUA Ferskvandscenter,  
Silkeborg, DK
Solo Exhibition
December 2002 through January 2003

  "The Animal Kingdom", The Zoological Museum, 
Copenhagen, DK
Solo Exhibition
October and November 2002

            "DOGS", Maxi Zoo, Hillerød, DK                 
       Solo Exhibition            

            "Around the World in 365 Days",            
Nikon & Dansk Foto Agentur
Solo Exhibition
The Internet 2002

"Natur, Nærhed & Nuance",
      Bramsnæs Hovedbibliotek, Kr. Hyllinge, DK  
Solo Exhibition 
November and December 2002

"Dogs on Tour 2000"
                   Travel Exhibition, DK                  

            Nikon & Dansk Foto Agentur              
Solo Exhibition
The Internet 1991-2001

      "Nature", Svanholm Gods, Skibby, DK     
Solo Exhibition

        "Erotica", Forum, Copenhagen, DK       

      "Ending", Huset, Copenhagen, DK          

    "Colors", Havarthi Gaarden, Holte, DK      
Solo Exhibition

    "Indian Summer", Copenhagen, DK